Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back in the Blogger's Saddle

It's been an incredible winter and spring! I've been crazy busy food styling between San Diego and LA since my last post, and I have a been a delinquent blogger. I've been working with long-time clients and many new ones, and finally I'm back in the blogger's saddle.

When I started this blog I assumed I'd write a post as soon as I got home for a job. But alas, by the time I get home from a 10 - 15-hour day, I pretty much collapse at my desk and try to catch up on the day's correspondence before drifting off to dream land.

I want to offer up big thanks to these companies, TV stations, and brands:

Good Day LA
Jenny Craig
Access Hollywood

Golden West Food Group
Harrah's Rincon Casino
San Diego Living TV6
NBC Universal 
Fox TVChef Ludo Lefevre
Harvard Common Press
Ferren Com
Chef's Press
Luna Grill

Pasta Mia
The Buddy Group
Groovy Like a Movie
Paul Martin's Restaurant
Flagship Cruises
Helene Beck
Flippin' Pizza
Malibu Winery
Pizza Express
Dr. Kellyann Petrucci
Mastro's Restaurant
Country Archer
Addies Cheesecakes
Direct Pack
King's Hawaiian
Chef Chloe
RSI Homes

And all the fabulous clients, photographers, and producers with whom I have the great pleasure of collaborating:

Erin Adams
Debbie Adler

Erin Adams
Debbie Adler
Joleene Armbruster 
Rob Andrew
Ryan Beck
Chloe Coscarelli
Keith Davis
Kaynisha Dawson
Alan DeHerrera
Virginia Downes
Karen Fadel
Tiffany Frowiss
Alecia Guarneros
Rob Hammer
Abbie Harrison
Mike Henry
Bob Hodson
Alex Karnib
Somany Koeung 
Carl Kravats
Amber Lussier
Stephanie Murphy
Kelly Musgrove 
Tim Mutrie
Jonathan Neubauer
Junvi Ola
Chef Jeremy Omer
Maria Pourteymour
Beatriz Sandoval-Maldonado
Anthony Smiljkovich
Rick Starkman
Kathy Strahs
Brenna Stillwell

A great big THANK YOU to all! 

Cheeseburger Before - Photo Copyright Carl Kravats 2013

Cheeseburger After  -  Photo Copyright Carl Kravats 2013

Good Day LA with Chef Ludo
Having fun with my assistant Maya